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Video .. Tiger reveals important information about Aldb meat

Dr. Khaled Al Nimr, a consultant cardiologist and cardiac catheter, found that cholesterol concentrations in the pulp were 90 times higher than normal meat.

And whether the circulation triggers blood circulation and has many benefits, the tiger said: "On the contrary, high cholesterol also because it is used for winter pits and stores grease inside."

He added during his dialogue with the Al-Lebanon program: "If Cholstrk Ques is a problem with eating Aldb, but if you are a person suffering from sugar and pressure and cholesterol and eating thicker than you."

On fats, the tiger said: "Fats are a source of energy and do not harm ordinary people." "People have been moving all day, but now the society is moving by car and working in the office."

"A society with a quarter of its civil sugar, 30 percent of the pressure and 50 percent of the population has high cholesterol," he said. "We usually do not have to feed food."

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