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Use Instagrama without anyone knowing


Use Instagrama without anyone knowing

01:48 p Monday November 12, 2018

Books – Assem Al-Ansari:

Direct messages on Instagram have become more troublesome when the application introduces a feature that allows users to know when to use the application with a green dot next to the names of friends connected to the Internet, while many InStagram users want to view images without informing followers that it exists.

This is not the first time Instagram has notified users about the status of your friends, the application introduced the Activity Status in January, which informs your friends whether you are online or how long you have opened the application. Without the green indicator both are now connected.

How to tell active friends on Instagram:

The last time you see people who follow you or privately talk to you in several ways:

– You'll see a green dot next to the username and photo in your live inbox, and everywhere else on Instagram.

– You will see your last activity status in your inbox.

* If you do not want your followers to know that you are active on Instagram, you can control the status of your activity through settings.

To maintain privacy, the green dot appears only in the list of direct messages, as well as in the friends list, when you switch to the published entry as a direct message, and only the friends or users you send will see a green dot. To worry because this will not happen and disable this feature for all followers, follow these steps:

– Go to your Instagram account

– Go to open the settings menu and to access this menu, click the "gear" icon for IOS users or the three-point icon in the upper right corner of Android users.

– Scroll down until you reach the Protection and privacy section.

List of activities – select the list of activity status.

– From here you can deactivate the Show activity function with the button next to Show activity status to make it gray.

When you see the status of your activity, you will be able to use Instagrama without knowing that you are active.

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