Monday , June 14 2021

The culture of Qatar is shining on the Culture Forum in St. Petersburg

The first day of the forum was initiated by a cultural symposium entitled "Dialogue of contemporary art and culture" with the participation of Sheikh Reem Al Thani, director of the Exhibition Department at Qatar Museums, Sheikha Mariam Al Thani, director of contemporary art as well as experts and intellectuals from Russia, France and India .

The seminar focused on highlighting the contemporary cultural and artistic movement in Qatar, completed projects and others that will soon see the light of day, as well as the activities of museums in the Middle East and the exchange of experience in their development and promotion.

The exhibition reflects the dynamic vision of the visual landscape in Qatar in the accelerating world of events (Indicators)

The first day was marked by the opening of the exhibition "Contemporary Qatar – photos and contemporary art", the first of its kind in Russia, inaugurated by the Minister of Culture and Sport of Qatar, Salah bin Ghanim Al Ali and other personalities.

The exhibition, which is located in the "Manig" room in the center of St. Petersburg, consists of two parts: the first, "Forming a Vision: Pictures of Qatar", containing over 250 photographs taken by Qatar and foreign photographers from 28 countries, based in Qatar, The exhibition presents a dynamic vision of the visual landscape in Qatar, in the rapidly changing world of events, including the timeline and personal portraits, images of architecture, nature and many more.

Sheikha Reem Al-Thani said that the administration presented the idea of ​​participating photos to be publicized through Integram, which particularly interested young people, adding that the selection and selection of photos taking part in the exhibition was very difficult for the committee.

The State of Qatar has participated extensively in the activities of the International Cultural Forum in St. Petersburg during the seventh session (Indicators)

The second part of the exhibition includes more than 100 contemporary works by 46 Qatari and foreign artists, highlighting rapid social and cultural changes in Qatar through pure youth creations, including works on specific or general problems such as social problems and conflicts, Others as a block of diameter.

The exhibition will be available to visitors until December 19.

After the opening of the cultural forum, Minister Salah bin Ghanem Al-Ali said that Qatar represents a cheerful face for coexistence and peace and the acceptance of the other. Qatar's participation does not depart from this context, emphasizing the importance of the forum in the light of the wave of hatred and rejection of differences in religion, race and nationality, Qatar.

Participation in this country also included cinema and documentary films, in which a collection of works by Qatari directors and residents was presented, addressing various social, political and cultural issues.

Director of the Film Institute in Doha, Fatima Al Rumaihi, noted the great work done in recent years in this field, stressing the need to focus on short films that emerged with the arrival of a new cultural movement during the start of the siege of Qatar.

Al-Rumaihi also pointed out the existence of other films about the nature of everyday life in Qatar, as well as other related to the cultural heritage of Qatar and other topics.

The Imperial concert hall, near the Imperial Imperial Palace in the center of St. Petersburg, hosted a great concert of the National Philharmonic Orchestra, which is a wonderful combination of cultures and nations. Comrades come from 28 countries and the concert titled "A Different Culture and One Tune" "He said.

The orchestra began its first concert in Russia with a joint performance of Qatari and Russian national anthems performed by the Qatari artist Fahd Al-Kubaisi and the Russian artist Olga Cavalova, in a beautiful form that has been perfectly interacted with the current audience.

The orchestra, led by the German Elias Grandi, played the most well-known pieces of international music and other Arab composers composed by Qatari composers.

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