Thursday , January 21 2021

South Korea ranks first in the world in mobile internet speed, and the UAE is third – technology – smart world

South Korea retains the top spot in the global mobile internet speed rankings thanks to its 5G service.

UCLA, a company that specializes in assessing the speed of the Internet in the countries of the world, which works on the website Speed ​​Test for analysis of Internet performance, in a report today, Wednesday, says that the average speed of downloading the Internet on a mobile phone in September is 121 megabytes per second, ranked first among 140 countries in the world.

This speed is 3.4 times faster than the average Internet download speed in the world.

Mobile download speeds in the country increased by 10% compared to 113.0 Mbps in August, maintaining its first place after the second month.

South Korea recorded 76.74 megabytes per second in May last year, topping the global rankings for the mobile Internet speed index, surpassing Norway, which topped the list for almost a year.

At the time, UCLA said South Korea’s rise in the world ranking was due to the fifth-generation service, as South Korea’s mobile Internet speed reached 54.89 megabytes per second in March 2019, but it jumped to 63.81. megabytes per second in April this year. The same, when the service of the fifth generation started, and with that the ranking of the country climbed from the sixth place in March 2019 to the third place in April 2019, and then to the first place in May of the same year.

China ranked second in the world after South Korea, registering 113.35 megabytes per second, followed by the UAE at 111.13 megabytes per second, Qatar 88.08 megabytes per second and Saudi Arabia 77.55 megabytes per second.


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