Monday , June 14 2021

Simple ways to avoid premature birth

Many mothers are afraid of premature birth, which happens for a variety of reasons, which is a serious risk that the baby may need an incubator to complete growth that did not occur before delivery, but there are many ways to help your fetus be healthy and ready get a life in a healthy and timely manner that we offer according to the "what to expect" medical site.

• Wait 18 months between pregnancy and the other, and the rate of premature birth significantly decreases if you wait at least a year, and preferably 18 months.

• Follow-up doctor: Helps treat all risk factors for premature delivery and provides the healthiest pregnancy.

• Smoking, drinking or taking medicines that are not prescribed by a doctor or untreated diabetes can lead to premature delivery, so you should take this into account and control it.

• Control weight: the purchase of overweight during pregnancy may increase the risk of pregnancy and pre-eclampsia, which increase the risk of premature delivery.

• Taking prenatal vitamins: dietary supplement helps improve overall health. Research suggests that folic acid may also reduce the risk of placental detachment and pre-eclampsia.

• Everything is fine: getting all the nutrients that your body needs from a healthy, balanced pregnancy diet not only leads to a healthier, more current baby and pregnant women who eat at least five times a day (three meals and two meals) 2) they are less likely to give birth prematurely.

Drinking enough water will provide you with hydration, which is important because dehydration can lead to premature contractions.

• Preserving the health of the gums: prophylactic dental care is one of the first lines of defense in preventing premature births that may occur as a result of gum disease, so treat a toothbrush, dental floss and visit the dentist at least once during this period Pregnancy, not only for regular cleaning but also to deal with minor problems before they become big.

• Sika in time, in addition to being uncomfortable, can inflame the bladder, which in turn may irritate the uterus and cause spasms that end with the beginning of labor.

Some studies show that women who have symptoms of bacterial vaginosis and are treated with antibiotics have a lower risk of premature delivery than those who have not solved the problem.

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