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Prohibit carrying some Apple computers on planes

Prohibition on carrying some computers


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The US Federal Aviation Administration has banned carrying MacBook Pro laptops on airplanes, after Apple recently announced that some of its batteries pose a fire risk.

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The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) said in a statement Tuesday: "We are aware of batteries being refurbished and used in some Apple MacBook Pro laptops," adding that it was reporting to major US airlines the problem.

The agency urged airlines to follow the 2016 safety guidelines for batteries containing renewable batteries, meaning that the laptops concerned should not be carried in aircraft as a cargo or as luggage.

Earlier this month, the European Union's aviation safety agency also warned regional carriers of MacBooks, saying they must comply with 2017 safety rules that prohibit the use of lithium-ion batteries during flights. .

Apple said in June it had "found a limited number of MacBook Pro 15 inches older generation, a mistake that makes the battery temperature too high and at risk of explosion."

It is noteworthy that the Apple mobile device is not the first product to be banned from flying, as Samsung Galaxy Note 7 phones were banned in 2016 after several battery explosion incidents while in the phone. People's pockets.

Source: The Hill

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