Thursday , June 24 2021

PlayStation 5 priced in Saudi Arabia

PlayStation 5 priced in Saudi ArabiaFor a long time, PlayStation-loving players have been waiting for the PlayStation 5 release date in Saudi Arabia, the price of the official device, the games and features available with the new device, and the price was a surprise to everyone because it is cheaper and better than all expectations, and this surprising price will allow many PlayStation fans who can not afford the demand for the new version and provide a budget for easy purchase, and today will reveal the price of the PlayStation 5 within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the location and specifications of the PlayStation 5 and the most important games in its available versions.

PlayStation 5 priced in Saudi Arabia

The price of the PlayStation 5, proposed by Sony, is only about $ 100 more than the price of the PlayStation 4, as the price of the PlayStation 5 in Saudi Arabia is $ 500, equivalent to 1,875 Saudi riyals, and Terms of purchase are activated through the Exeter store and the most popular and well-known Arrarir store in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

PlayStation 5 Specifications

PlayStation 5 priced in Saudi Arabia

The video device supports 8K technologies, and the device also supports AMD Ryzen cards with a capacity of 7 nm, in addition to the processor with graphics processors from the Radeon Navi series.
The device supports SSDs for storage via HDR technology inside the PlayStation 4 PRO and PlayStation 4 in HDR10 format, and all of these features and technologies will be available on the PlayStation 5 without any differences.
This new version is more advanced than all the old versions because this modern version does not exclude Dolby Vision and HDR10 technology, especially since it is known that modern Xbox game consoles work with these technologies at the present time.
The device has many accessories such as a modern HD camera, DualSense charger, and also has a remote control and three-dimensional wireless headphones.

The most important games on the PlayStation 5

  • Gran Turismo 7 racing game.
  • The game for adventurous and fantastic storms from the sky.
  • Zombie game Resident Evil Village.
  • The popular game Grand Theft Auto V which will be free for people who use PLUS.
  • Also in the new version there is the most famous game FIFA 2020.
  • The PlayStation 5 has all the games on the PlayStation 4.

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