Saturday , June 12 2021

"Petcavine" fell below $ 5,000 .. the lowest level in a year

The digitized digital currency "Petcavine" fell below $ 5,000 a Monday, reaching the lowest level in a year.
In a situation of strong sales, Petcown fell to $ 4961 before returning a bit to $ 5119 by 8 am.
The currency between the virtual currency dropped 10.32 percent on Monday, trading at $ 6 billion, down 19.69 percent a week.
The market value of the digitized digital currency has lost about $ 16.924 billion during trading on Monday.
The market value of digital currencies fell from 185.728 billion dollars at the end of the day to 168.804 billion dollars.
The digitized digital currency "Petkavin" ranked first in terms of market capitalization of 89.27 billion dollars, followed by Revel with 19.92 billion dollars.
While Etemir was third with $ 15.98 billion, followed by KFX with $ 6.11 billion.
While the star lumens ranked fifth in terms of market capitalization of 4.44 billion dollars, followed by Eos with 3.72 billion dollars.
In terms of trading, Rebel fell 4.46 percent to $ 0.49561, trading at $ 1.18 billion, down 4.32 percent a week.
While Etherme dropped 13.99 percent and reached $ 155.03, trading at $ 2.44 billion, down 26.62 percent over a week.
While Petrochemical Cash fell 13.34 percent to 319.73 dollars with a trade value of 279.04 million dollars, while dropped by 33.09 percent for a week.
Stellar lumens fell 10.06 percent to $ 0.23166, trading at $ 119.28 million, down 14.69 percent a week.
While Eos fell 12.32 percent to $ 4.1252, trading at $ 1.06 billion, it fell by 23,98 percent in a week.
The digital currency was traded at $ 18.719 billion.
The "Petcone" digital currency is one of the biggest financial events of the year. While the rise in market capitalization at the end of last year caused dreams of rapid wealth for many, the fall in value this year has raised concerns about the shooting of a huge speculative bubble in these The market has led to a dilapidated dream of enriching quickly "temporarily".
The digital currency was established ten years ago when an anonymous person specializing in encrypted programming called Satoshi Nakamoto published a document outlining the principles and basics of the digital currency regardless of any formal institutions.

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