Sunday , June 13 2021

Officially .. Zamalek has crossed the road to Ahli … And the documents are shrinking

President Zamalek Mahmoud Abdel Moneim Kahrab was documented on Sunday for four seasons.

President Zamalek, that what has become a powerful blow for all owners of rumors and amateur lies and the dissemination of misleading and fabricated messages against the White Castle.

In the last few hours, there have been a series of campaigns against the management of the White Citadel not to confirm the signed agreement with Mahmoud Abdel Moneim electrified and that he is entitled to sign any club during the winter transfer.

Zamal's officials cut themselves off from Alpha's attempts to negotiate with the player and included him in the current period, after he reported a loophole in the contract and not documented by the administration at the beginning of the season, prompting the White to move strongly and resolve the situation, keeping him first there is professionalism when a suitable offer is available at the end of the season due to the necessity of survival and difficulties with leaving in January, and the other is connected with its financial interests after the player has asked to increase the contract with the team to the first category.

Zamalek board tries to maintain the concentration of players and not to distract them in any way affecting the team process, and also used the period of suspension of the league championship due to the involvement of the national team in Tunisia in qualifying to the African Nations in 2019. In solving some problems in the team , conducted by electrification, as it was.

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Coach Zamalek, Christian Grosse, recommended that he stay electrified and refused to leave him for the last time during a conversation with the administration and stressed that he represents the shock power for him and important from the point of view of the Khatami warning about difficulties in leaving and influencing the team.

Gros is strategically dependent on electrification, both in the open position of the attacker and the playmaker, which makes it an important tactical element: the trainer also has a tendency to maintain the stability of the formation and the uninterrupted change and essentially pushing electrically.

Recently Electra received several oral offers from the Gulf, but the player puts his priorities in Europe after his experience in Switzerland has not been successful, and prefer to wait for the arrival of an appropriate offer in connection with the continuation of his glare with Zamalek and his participation mainly with the team.

President Zamalek promised at his last meeting that the team will be different than before and will act in accordance with professional policy in matters concerning players in the team, and at the same time the administration intends to abolish the penalty that has already been signed due to the crisis in the month of the championships in the championships. kind of satisfaction and reward for him and motivate him to continue special offers with the team.

Zamalek defeated Al-Anjala Al-Harbi 2-1 in the last round of the league championship and is preparing to meet with Al-Dakhiya on Thursday at Petrosport Stadium.

The player regularly participates in the Zamalek training, because he has not been included in the list of national teams at the moment and was excluded by the Mexican coach Javier Aguirre.

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