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Moist your lips and resist cracks in your heels. Learn about the advantages of using Shea butter in winter


Shea butter is a natural substance with a high content of vitamins and moisturizing substances, making it a good choice to keep the skin especially in winter and there are many cracks in the skin caused by changes in the atmosphere and its chill.

You can recognize facials and recipes for body care Butter Shea according to styles in the following lines:

Shea butter

Shea butter

Shea butter for cracks on your heels

You can make a moisturizing cream for the foot and protect it from cracking, and also cure if it is done by mixing shea butter with some natural oils, such as olive oil. Jurab from morning to morning to maintain hydration and let the skin drink.

Body care

Body care

Shea butter for moisturizing lips

Shea butter contains natural, soft moisturizing substances, making it suitable for moisturizing the lips. You can make a natural moisturizing cream with a spoon of honey or beeswax with honey and dissolve it over low heat and store in a small, clean, dry container for everyday use.

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Body care

Shea butter to get rid of dry hair

The work of an everyday body care massage, especially hair, is essential in winter, especially when exposed to harsh shelling and the need for nutrition and moisturizing, can create a Shea butter mask and coffee and mixing together and arranging this mask on the hair from the roots for events to give give it a glow and moisturize and leave for 15 minutes, then rinse well with water.

Shea butter (Shea butter) It is obtained from Shea African nut and is also called a carota treeGharitiAnd it is used by some Africans for cooking, because it contains useful fats and vegetable oils, because it is considered the most moisturizing material for hair and skin, is used in many cosmetics, creams, and moisturizers, are extracted by breaking a tree nut carried by a tree and its age using special machines, and you can do it in a traditional way, by grinding what's inside, cooking and extracting the fatty matter that floats on the surface, OceFraajia Color, its scent is slightly grainy, so it's best to refine it. These sophisticated have a delicious taste, and their color is between gray, white and green, and the therapeutic properties do not differ before and after refining.

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