Wednesday , June 23 2021

Michael Douglas in the role of a new comedy about «Netflix»

Netflix began broadcasting movies and entertainment on the Internet on Friday, including the new series with Michael Douglas, twice awarded with Oscar, who played the lead role in the movie "Streets of San Francisco."
Douglas plays the role of a three-time representation teacher, Sandy & # 39; ego Kominsky & # 39; ego. And the "Comensky Method" by the famous American television writer Chuck Lor & # 39; a, 66, which also wrote the famous television series "Two and a Half Men" and "The Big Bang Theory". "I have to make people think that Sandy Kominski is me, but not in real life," says Douglas, 74.
"All he has is a good acting teacher," Douglas said in an interview for German. "He did not get what he wanted in his career, and the same in his personal life and marriage, so he sticks to his education."
Douglas has not been on the television series since his role in the crime film "The Streets of San Francisco" in 1976, but Douglas says: "Chuck Laura's writing method convinced him to come back to television."
"The story was so well written that I was convinced, for a while I wanted to try a comedy, maybe there is no better than Chuck in comedy," Douglas said.
"The last time I made a 45-minute television series was about 50 years ago, but now, thanks to webcasting technology, we offer a half-hour comedy series for this episode,
Douglas plays in the new series American actor, Alan Arkin, 84 – where he embodies the role of Norman, a friend of Sandy & # 39; ego.
"It's always a very sensitive moment when you know that you will start a series that can take years with someone you do not know," Douglas said. Douglas did not realize the existence of good chemistry between him and Arkin, only after he began filming the series.
"I think it was a long sight in the first episode, when I was following the scene after the movie, I thought we were friends for 40 years, sometimes you're lucky and have good chemistry and rhythm at the same time," Douglas said.
The new series has only eight episodes in the first season, but according to Douglas, if it ends with an unparalleled success, you can soon start a new movie season.

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