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Meet us on "New Exclusive News" and the new name of sports buzz channels

The B OutQ channels managed to gain a large percentage of viewers for the big games, which were the exclusive preservation of the BN Sport encrypted channels. The B OutQ channels are anti-monopoly and watch all for free. This article will give you another Details of the return of the channel being broadcast It's worth noting that the B-channel group includes 10 TV channels, broadcasts all major league games for free and without paying subscriptions, just buy the channel receiver and then program the ten channels on the package and enjoy the global ball.

Update Now: To bypass the prosecutions of Al Azizeza Media Network, the owner of BN Sport channels and the verdicts received by the network, Boat Channel Management has decided to change the name of the network to "booze sport" according to the latest information, to work on new updates Which is a Chinese company specializing in this field.

The main concern of B-Q channel followers and the question that arises all the time is why B-Q channels have stopped and when broadcast, the band's newsletter returns to its official website, that the channel is making some updates in order to relaunch broadcast more clearly due to deliberate mixing of broadcast signal. In the near future, broadcasting will come back again, B-Q channels have confirmed to their followers all over the Arab world that the band will return to broadcast again, with updates from group to avoid deliberate interference, and technical experts say devices must be updated Receive the "Receiver" signal to perform. There are several types of receivers that can appear and receive the signal for a new channel, and these devices include the following : Tiger 8 Receiver, Commax H7 Receiver, Extreme Receiver 90000, Star Sat 2000, Senator Receiver 999.

Official Network Account Exit Q

"We told you we would come back, and today we will come back. Wait, God forbid, we go back to all the devices .. Unfortunately, in Saudi Arabia only the official device to experiment with some devices will also stop broadcasting to run updates on all devices. "

Frequency of B OutQ channels on Nilesat and Arab Sat.

We will provide you with the latest P-Q series frequency, and if there is a frequency adjustment following the updates currently being made by the channel, we will let you know immediately.

Satellite TVChannel nameFrequencyPolarization coefficientCoding factor
Arabic satbeoutQ12207N.27500
Arabic satbeoutQ11919V.27500

Return date of the B OutQ broadcast channels

The official channel channel account Exit announcement on the Twitter blog that the channels will be back on Friday night 9/8/2019, and that there are some changes and updates the company will make to avoid confusion in the the next period and it is known that the band is broadcasting from Colombia, We have received numerous complaints from the BN Sport Qatar channels, to stop broadcasting and we will know in the next few days what will happen.

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Find out about the problem facing the Egyptian spectator

Egyptians are known to rely on Sharing devices, which work on BoutQ channels, and technical support for the network said the network aims to work on encryption, which will be stronger and more difficult to penetrate in the coming period to provide broadcast groups of deliberate blocking attempts, and must The Egyptian viewer is keen to buy the approved original device, which will be the new updates in progress, to avoid suspending the 10 channel group for Out, because the updates they will now use s original power devices approved by the manufacturer for budding my OutQ.

Find out about the PUTQ statement on why the jacket is cut

B-Channel said the reason for the suspension was due to the network carrying out new and sophisticated updates, to avoid deliberate confusion by Qatar's BN Sport group, the network said 10 channels of the package would be broadcast over the next few days, and that matches from the second round of the English league Excellent broadcast through the package.

For the exit group

BUTQ is a 10-channel package, which began broadcasting in 2017, and coincides with the BN Sport Qatari channels. The box set includes access to various IPTV platforms that offer a large number of live channels. From Cuba covering the Middle East, North Africa and Eastern Europe.

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