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Live broadcast Watch the match Al-Ahly and Zamalek today on 11/27, the final of the African Champions League

Arab football fans are waiting for the match at the summit in Africa, which will unite the Egyptian giants Zamalek and Al-Ahly, tonight, Friday, November 27, 2020, at the International Stadium in Cairo, within the final of the African Champions League.

The site provides Football 365 Link to watch the match Al-Ahly and Zamalek live today, and it is scheduled to start today at 21:00 Egyptian time, ie ten in Mecca, and will be broadcast exclusively on Bein Sport HD7 with audio performance by commentator Esam Shawali.

Millions of Middle Eastern football fans are waiting for the final match to watch the most important and famous match between them, for the first time in history, to meet in the final and it was called the final of Africa, despite the participation of both teams on the continent. which started almost 34 years ago.

Today’s match will decide the characteristics of the missed title of the two giants, Al-Ahly did not achieve this title since 2013, it was the last championship with which he was crowned, because he is in first place on the stage because he is the most crowned champion in the Champions League in Africa with 8 titles, while Zamalek is the other to seek coronation absent from the box office since 2002. Then, he finished second with a coronation with 5 continental titles, equal to Mazembe.

Despite the difficulties that both teams went through due to the Corna virus, they deservedly managed to qualify for the African final, as Al-Ahly managed to overtake the Moroccan sports club Widad in the semifinals and surpass it by five points for a goal back and forth.

As for Zamalek, he defeated the Moroccan athlete Raja and managed to win it 4/1 in both matches back and forth.

Ninth dream

The Red Devils ended their indoor camp, which was held last week at a hotel in Cairo until today, and witnessed the enthusiastic atmosphere of the players and the high morale and high concentration of all, for the ninth title that was absent from the club’s box office. years.

Musimani’s battalion prepared with all its might for this match, and the technical director of the team led by Ahlam Al-Ahly prepared for this match with some highly technical and tactical sentences and relied on some technical lectures for the players in order to implement them. instructions and all tactical sentences with full focus in the green rectangle.

The Pitso Battalion is ready for the summit with great enthusiasm, from all the players who are aware of the weight of the confrontation, but are determined to win, in order to climb the podiums and return the title to the club treasury with all the merits and merits. to conquer the ninth.

Zamalek and the brown princess

Club Zamalek is facing a difficult task today in front of Al-Ahly, as it entered a closed camp as the opponent, to prepare for the match of the century, and this camp witnessed more than a wonderful and enthusiastic atmosphere for the players, in conditions of great concentration of the upcoming battle.

Today, Zamalek dreams of the sixth princess re-decorating her coffers, but this dream must do its best to win it, because the White Knight is at his best and has top-level players who will represent a match worthy of them, in hope that they will win and climb the podiums.

A special and very difficult task is facing the Portuguese coach, Myimi Pacheco, especially since he has never won a title in Africa before, just like Musimani, who revealed the title with Sundowns to the detriment of Zamalek in 2016.

Pameko, the coach of Zamalek, who has prepared his players well for this position, but so far has a headache due to the absences that hit the team, but he will try to find a suitable alternative to provide a strong match worthy of the level and history of the whites .

The White Knight will enter the match with all his might and high morale in order to win, having previously beaten Al-Ahly in the Egyptian Super Cup on penalties and wants to repeat the scenario, but trying to solve them. you work in the original time.

Corona effect

The Corona virus continues to significantly hunt players, which affects the teams, and thwarts the plans of the technical directors, and in today’s match, Corona entered the two Egyptian giants before the final and forced the terrible virus to leave 6 very influential players absent from this confrontation.

Al-Ahly will miss today, for the trio of Salih umaumaa, Walid Suleiman and Ali Dieng, while Zamalek will be absent from Mahmoud Hamdi Al-Wensh, Abdullah Jumaa and Yusuf Ibrahim Obama.

Both teams are expected to join the following lineup:


Goalkeeper: Mohamed El Shenavi

Defense: Ali Maalul, Ayman Ashraf, Yasser Ibrahim and Muhammad Hani or Rami Rabia.

Liaison players: Junior Ayay, Hamdi Fati, Amr Al-Soulia, Mohamed Magdi Afsha and Hussein Al-Shahat

Attack: Marwan Mohsen.


In the goalkeeper: Muhammad Abu Ababal.

Defense: Ahmed Bajram, Mahmoud Alaa, Muhammad Abdul-Ghani, Hazem Imam or Islam ababer.

Center: Ahmed Sayed Zizu, Ferjani Sassi, Tariq Hamed, Mahmoud Abdel-Razek Shikabala and Ashraf Bin Sharki.

The attack: Mustafa Muhammad.

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