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Learn about the most important causes and symptoms of epilepsy

Epilepsy is a common neurological condition characterized by frequent seizures. People with this disease suffer from sudden attacks due to an increase in electrical activity in the brain and a concomitant disorder in the correspondence systems between the brain cells, according to the location "medicalnewstoday".

Quick facts about epilepsy

Epilepsy is a neurological disorder.

Primary symptoms usually involve seizures.

– Treatments include anti-assault drugs.

The most important symptoms of epilepsy

– I'm sleeping without a fever (no fever).

– Short spells of power interruptions or interference in memory.

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– Occasional episodes of fainting during which loss of control of the gut or bladder is often accompanied by severe fatigue.

– For a short period the person does not respond to instructions or questions.

– The person suddenly becomes rough without obvious reason.

– The face suddenly falls for no apparent reason.

– Sudden flashing spells without clear stimuli.

– Sudden chewing attacks for no apparent reason.


– In a short time, the person appears confused and can not communicate.

– Frequent movements that seem inadequate.

– The person is afraid for no apparent reason.

– strange changes in the senses like smell, touch and sound.

Causes of epileptic seizures

Each function in the human body works through message systems in the brain, epilepsy occurs due to the failure of this system due to a defect in electrical activity and is often due to genetic causes of the disease.

Other factors that may increase the risk of epilepsy are:

– Trauma to the head, such as a car accident.

– Brain conditions, including stroke or tumor.

– Infectious diseases such as viral inflammation of the brain.

– Prenatal injury or damage to the brain occurs before birth.

– Disorders of growth as autism or fibroblastoma

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