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Knight Self-Service Education 1440 and a new system of connection fees for registration and documents required for transfer from administrative staff to education

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The Self-Service Knight Education 1440 and a new system of interconnection of knights for registration and documents required for transfer from administrative staff to my educational site, Monday, November 19, 2018.

Knight Self Service, It is a subsystem of related material systems Knight's Self Service system It is part of a series of services through which an employee (administrator – teacher – user – employee) can obtain it and obtain the necessary permits from the owners of the authority of automatic return to the administration in Persia self-service system .

The self-service knight thinks that every employee can follow the transaction until the decision is made through a private website System Knight Self Service Here are all the new products Knight Self Service And a new knight's system.

Knight Self Service

Representative of the Ministry of Education in the system of self-service of Persia that the official link that has been accredited to the system Knight & # 39; and this will be changed by a new official link to the system Knight of self-service to They will be on Sunday, February 11, 2018.

The self-service knight's system will be suspended for one and a half hours until the new Persia self-service link is changed on Thursday, February 8, 2018. From 15.00. The official link to the self-service system will be changed to

Services available to the employee


Vacation request and direct reporting on benefits and applications for benefits and a request to terminate the license and application for renewal of the permit or application for the cancellation of the permit and application for changing the permit and application for changing the period of leave and the application for retirement of all these services provided by self-service Knight & # 39; s employee



Basic employee data.

A summary of the employee's historical achievements.

Declaration after deadline.

Task list.

Pending applications.

All news about the Persia system for self-employment, we offer on the website of my eyes and keep up to date with the most important events of the self-service knight system.

A self-service knight will ask for a vacation and ask for a salary

The self-service knight raised the question of the methods of establishing control and made special connections to the subject of absence without any significant excuses or a strong reason for that absence, all in discussions about the presence of teachers and teachers, and this discussion was the subject of attention of all teachers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Transfer from administrative staff to educational staff

Some of the steps that must be taken to move from the managerial staff to the teaching staff and here are these steps

  • First access to administrative staff in the electronic system of Persia
  • Second, access to self-employment
  • The transfer request is selected from the administrative staff of the teaching staff
  • Then click Add
  • After displaying personal data, you must check that this data is correct and then press OK
  • Add the required documents by clicking the Add attachment icon

Documents and documents required for the transfer from the administrative staff of the educational staff

  • Original and photo of academic qualifications
  • Image of the measurement of the test result
  • The original and the image of the educational diploma "in the case of what was the transfer of the teaching staff, is not of an educational nature"
  • The origin and image of Saudi national identity
  • Form of confirmation and commitment

Link Knight System Self Service

The first time you enter the Knight system for the first time and get access to Knight's self-service system in Saudi Arabia.

Knight's system

The Ministry of Education in Saudi Arabia has changed the link of the Knight system with a new link and through a new link you can access after registration and update the phone number, and you can send a text message to the number 1996 The special identification code is then sent to the new link of the Knight system.

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