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I miss Amrabat in front of Al – Hilal

Publication of media Abdulaziz Al-Osaimi, in a report on the Al-Nasser and Al-Rad referee match, as part of a round match Seventh of the league competition, in crisis player Nureddin Amrabet with goalkeeper Exedin Vomiting;

Douha clashes with Amrabat in a duel between the two teams in the seventh round of Prince Mohammed bin Salman's Cup, where the al-Raid goalkeeper demanded the expulsion of al-Nasser on the pretext of attacking him before the events unfolded on charges. for the exchange of outrageous words.

Al-Osaimi tweeted on his Twitter blog page, titled "Special," said the game's winner and pioneer judge only mentions his decisions in the report, to get Amrabat and dizzy, yellow cards after a joint game between them. .

Sports media say that the judge did not write an additional report on his basic report, which he submitted to officials after the end of the confrontation, and did not convict Amrabet of direct assault on dizziness.

According to Abdulaziz al-Osaimi, he said it was officially confirmed that Amrabet's participation with al-Nasser in the big capital's race against al-Hilal was because the disciplinary panel could not intervene in the incident until a report was mentioned. the game.

On Sunday night, October 27, Al-Nasser will host Al-Hilal in the eighth round of the Prince Mohammed bin Salman Cup.

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