Sunday , October 17 2021

Find out about the types of skin burns Azai deals with

Burns are one of the most serious skin problems we are exposed to. Skin is a great obstacle to preventing bacteria and viruses, but burns are dangerous to health. WebMD The types of skin burns vary according to light and heaviness

1: Burns Class


Which may affect the outer layer of the skin, may be the result of exposure to a long period of hot sun, causing severe redness of the skin and red spots and pain in the skin, and here you can put cold water to compress and moisturize the skin with burns.

2: Second-class burns

Burns outweigh the layer of the skin and can affect the nerve parts, and the pain is severe and you should immediately go to the doctor to treat smoking and use of painkillers and ointments, so as not to cause skin burns.


3: Class III burns

It is one of the most serious types of burns, which deeply destroys and destroys the layers of the skin and nerve cells, can cause death, but you can save the wounded and move him to the hospital for medication and painkillers.

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