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Find out about the price of the dollar on Monday, 19-11-2018 in Egypt by the banks

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Find out about the price of the dollar on Monday, November 19, 2018 in Egypt by banks on the part of Egypt Today, Sunday, November 18, 2018.

U.S. Dollar

The price of the dollar on Monday 19 November 2018. In Egypt, it was stable against the Egyptian pound, with the start of transactions by the government and private banks, with the dollar exchange rate against pounds 17.78 pounds for purchase and 17.99 pounds for sales.

Bankers expect the dollar to remain stable in Egypt in the coming days, because the demand for the green card is balanced, while others expect the green card price to drop in the coming period.

On the black market, the dollar's rate dropped significantly with the low level of daily trading in the parallel market, bearing in mind the willingness of citizens in official transactions with banks, in addition to the apparent stability recorded by dollar prices at various banks in Egypt.

The "Egypt Today" website tracks changes in the dollar in Egyptian banks using the following table with immediate updates in the case of rising or falling exchange rates:

Bank purchase price selling price National Bank of Egypt 17.78 17,88 Bank of Egypt 17,79 17.89 Central Bank of Egypt 17.85 17.97 Commercial International Bank 17.86 17.96 Arabic International Bank 17.86 17.96 Banque du Caire 17.86 17.96 Ahli Bank 17.87 17.96 Bank of Alexandria 17.86 17.96 Arabic International Bank 17.86 17.96 Egyptian Gulf Bank 17,88 17.96 Credit Agricole 17.86 17.96 Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank 17.89 17.99 Bloom Bank 17.86 17.96 Bank of Audi 17,88 17.96 Al Baraka Bank 17.87 17.96 Export Development Bank of Egypt 17.86 17.96 Mashreq Bank 17.86 17.96 United Bank 17,88 17.96 Suez Canal 17,88 17.96 HSBC 17.86 17.96 National Bank of Greece 17.86 17.96

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Source: Egypt Today

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