Friday , August 7 2020

Find out about the dollar against the pound in 10 banks by the end of trading today – Egypt Now

3 hours ago

By the end of trading today, find out the dollar against the pound in 10 banks
The dollar fell against the pound in Al Baraka Bank by the end of trading on Monday, as the price settled in nine other banks at morning trading.

Al Baraka Bank's dollar rate dropped to £ 16.23 for buying and £ 16.33 for sale.
The US currency purchase price fell by 4 pints to the Islamic Bank of Abu Dhabi at 16.23 pounds, while the selling price sold for 16.33 pounds.

The dollar traded at the National Bank of Egypt, Egypt and the Suez Canal with £ 16.23 to buy and £ 16.33 to sell.

The US currency maintained its level in the banks of Alexandria and the HIB at £ 16.21 for buying and £ 16.31 for sale.
The dollar remained stable with the Arab African Bank and Credit Agricole with £ 16.22 to buy and £ 16.32 to sell.
The price of the US currency remained stable at the Housing and Development Bank of £ 16.24 for purchase and £ 16.34 for sale.

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