Wednesday , May 12 2021

Facebook is trying to integrate applications both with Netscape and Instagram and Messenger

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Zuckerberg's plans face criticism

Facebook plans to integrate social networking applications, Integrum, Watsab and Facebook Messenger.

While the three applications will remain autonomous, they will be linked to higher levels of communication, so messages can move between them.

Officials at Facebook said the long-term process is still in its infancy.

The New York Times said the merger was a personal project for Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg.

Once the project is complete, the Facebook user will be able to communicate with someone who has only an application and is synchronized, which is currently impossible.

Work is already under way to integrate the platforms and is expected to be completed by the end of 2019.

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It is reported that Zuckerberg is pushing for the merger plan to make services more useful and increase the time users spend on these applications.

McKenna Kelly says from the place " On the edge"Zuckerberg aims to compete with the giants Google and Apple.

"We want to build the best products that make the message process better," Facebook said in a statement, "We encrypt and facilitate communications between family and friends."

Discussions continue on how the systems will work in the future.

This development will be a quantum leap for Facebook, where Entragam and Watsab are working independently so far.

The New York Times reported that these ideas sparked disagreements at the level of governance, which led to the departure of founders, participants and Entangram last year.

Facebook faces questions and criticisms about how to handle user data.

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