Friday , April 16 2021

Events when the Moon is finished Episode 20 exciting and interesting events

We follow you with the new series that is presented on the MBC channel and the series when the moon is over, the series, which saw the admiration of many spectators where it attracted millions of viewers after the presentation of the first episode, is a series where the moon is a dramatic dramatic conversation about ghosts and nostalgia , And is similar to the story of a witch from the South of Egypt, which presented the last year of Qabil, and here in our Nile we are showing you the details of the new episodes of the famous Arab series that praised the admiration of all fans.

Series when the Moon is over

The story of the series tells the story of the life of a decent family with a mean income living in poverty and the illness of the nephew of the tragedy and because of poverty around the family, the head of the family goes to the old house to be able to support his family, His family is in the treatment of his grandson and overcomes the problems they face, but when selling the house at the family line of grandfather Guaman, start a story of a series when the moon is over and the story begins in agony and those Litter of disease grandson to carry Jin Santa.

The time of the series shows when the Moon is over

The series will be screened at 22:00 in Cairo and at 11 am KSA and will be broadcast via channel 1 on mbc, and this series will discuss the magic issues Follow us to monitor tracking the third episode.

It should be noted that the beautiful series when the Moon is over is displayed at three o'clock in the morning and eight and a half o'clock as a second repetition.

When the Moon is over

You can watch the series when the moon completes the third episode of the series that praised the admiration of millions in a very short time, delivered to MBC.

You will see episode 19 of the series when the moon is very exciting, especially after spreading the lives of the family house Follow us and we will follow the developments from the Kuwaiti series.

Episode 19 of the series When the Moon Is Completed, the grandson of Farid Khaled Farfan Al-Hayat, but the fairy began to appear for two collections in the form of a black cat to tell him the secret of Khaled's death, which confirmed that he is alive, but her father was the one who feared the death of Khaled and hid him from the viewpoint. Firstly, to follow the episode events on our site.

Follow us in our news for the Neil, a few hours and the nineteenth episode of the series will be presented when the serial satellite, which in a short time gained a large majority.

When the Moon is over

The episode is expected to be a witness of excitement with Dzamban, the head of the family, who faces ghosts and problems at any time, following the 19th episode right after the show.

A few minutes, the nineteenth episode of the series when the Moon is over, follows first to follow the episodic details.

Follow us and look at the new episode when the Moon is over and what made Flow with Juman.

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