Sunday , October 17 2021

Emmy Samir Ghanem wears a headscarf and raises audience questions

Cairo – Howaida Abu Simk

The Egyptian artist Emma Samir Ghanem took part in her new photo via her personal account on the "Anstagram" website.

Emmy appeared in the photo along with several friends from Saudi Arabia, wearing a headscarf and said: "With the best friend in Jeddah."

Audience singer Amy Ghanem asked why she wore a headscarf, and some expected to wear because she was in Saudi Arabia, while the artist received many comments that praise the beauty of the curtain.

Amy and her husband, artist Hassan al-Raddad went to Jeddah to take part in a conference in the Middle East, in which many celebrities take part, and Al-Radad conducts an open dialogue to talk about her work.

Hassan Raddad and Emmy participated in the last Ramadan by the series "Azmi and Ashgan", with Nasreen Amin and Amy Samir Ghan.

Hassan and Emmy got married in November 2016, After a love story, about which the media talked a lot, but the couple denied them in a nutshell, claiming that they were only friends, until the marriage revealed them.

The wedding took place in El Gouna and many artistic centers took part in it, including Amr Youssef, Majdi Kamel, Maha Ahmed, Rogina, Zein, Basma, Dina, Samir Sabri, Mervat Amin and Raja El Jeddawi.

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