Friday , October 22 2021

Egyptian artist Sherihan donates precious gift to Lebanese people – Thoughts and Art – East and West


Egyptian actress Sherihan posted a video on her official Instagram page, expressing her support for the Lebanese people, according to Russia Today.

Sherikhan reaffirmed his confidence in the Lebanese people and that they would soon return to their prosperity and that what happened in the explosion at the port of Beirut would definitely pass.

Sherikhan released a composite of an audio clip of her picture, expressing her love and support for the Lebanese people, stressing that Lebanese are able to return despite all the hardships they face.

She commented on the clip, saying: “The world diamond will rise again, Lebanon will rise and the world will again learn a lesson from the beginning and the new.

The great artist also reaffirmed his support for the Lebanese people, adding: “Nationally, so that the world in you will remain beautiful, from my heart peace for Beirut .. Sherikhan.”.

Egyptian actress Sherihan wanted to take part in the “Beirut Beirut” auction“Irubov to Beirut Through one of her belongings, which is a dress she wore during Ramadan during the broadcast of one of her episodes of Fawazir Ramadan in 1987, to help the Lebanese people and provide the necessary treatment for the injured from the port of Beirut ..

It is worth noting that the said auction will be announced in the coming days with the participation of many citizens, artists and Arab and foreign leaders to help the Lebanese people in their economic crisis..


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