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Day of the Arab environment. Problems and challenges facing the Arab world

On October 14, 1986, the Arab League Council met in Tunis and decided to establish the Council of Arab Ministers responsible for the environment. Because of the importance of this decision, which the Arab world, along with the rest of the world, is making in the face of environmental problems threatening our planet, October 14 was considered an Arab day for the environment in order to intensify the efforts of the Arab cooperation in all fields of environment in our countries. And finding the right solutions to environmental problems that are increasing globally day by day.

The Arab world goes hand in hand with the world

Day in the Arabian surroundings

The Council of Arab Ministers responsible for the environment has since set important priorities for action on various environmental issues, especially the problematic relationship between the environment as a whole and everything related to development in the Arab world. Together with the rest of the world, our battle is commonplace for many serious environmental problems, such as global warming, the ozone hole that has endangered our planet for a long time, as well as deadly diseases and epidemics that endanger the entire population to death or hunger.

The most prominent environmental problems in the Arab world

Environmental problems facing the Arab world

According to many media reports, there are a number of environmental problems facing the Arab world, all of which endanger the lives of individuals everywhere. One of the most prominent of these is the environmental problems we face, which we share with other countries.

Pollution of water resources

Water resource pollution is one of the most serious of these problems. One of the reasons is the excessive use of fertilizers and pesticides that adversely affect these sources. In addition, wastewater streams and chemically hazardous waste in major cities are directed to natural water sources such as rivers.

Pollution of large bodies of water

Another reason we are concerned about our environmental problems is the pollution of large bodies of water, such as the oceans and seas. Which represent many of the shores of our Arab countries. Day by day, pollution levels are increasing unprecedentedly as a result of industrial, chemical and food waste dumped by factories in these areas. This adds to the problems of global warming and global warming.

Energy sources

Large factories, corporations, and even communities and individuals depend on the consumption of traditional sources of energy, which must be burned to create our need. This leaves a lot of toxic and deadly gases in the atmosphere, contributing significantly to global warming. On the other hand, the waste of these plants, which are disposed of in the country of toxic or radioactive waste, which leads to deforestation and soil erosion.

Desertification and population explosion

Obviously, environmental problems in all their causes reduce the green areas of our planet, the problem of desertification, as well as the intensification of drought under biodiversity depletion over Arab countries. On the other hand, population explosion and population growth in states is a major problem and difficult to control, leading to increased consumption of natural resources and energy sources.

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