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Corvette Online Watch Juventus vs Ajax live broadcast today 16-4-2019 in the Champions League

The first leg between Juventus and Ajax Amsterdam played at Amsterdam Arena, the Ajax Amsterdam Fortress and scored a negative result for Ajax with a 1-1 draw. Juventus scored a goal in the 45th minute with a vertical Cristiano Ronaldo scored a goal from Ajax Amsterdam in the 50th minute by the Brazilian Nerrse after the defensive line from Cannes in the live game Juventus and Ajax Jalla Schuut.

Live Live without Juventus and Ajax Amsterdam to offer a brilliant European season after the Real Madrid elimination from Bernabeu four goals against the goal and exclusion of the historic Champions League champion in the tournament, as well as to provide a very good level against Juventus in the first game and spend many opportunities for registration The second and third goals were won in the first game, but missed the match for the Dutch live broadcast team, Yalla Shot Juventus and Ajax Koura online.

The Juventus and Ajax legend directly today, on the other hand, Juventus during the first game appeared at a very modest level, especially in the second half and provided a low defensive level, resulting in a score of more than one goal in their own goal, said Juergen Jurgen during a press conference he does not like repeat the same scenario as the first leg, but will depend on the style of the offensive to score more goals and qualify for the semifinals.

On the other hand, the team of Ajax Amsterdam and coach Tin Hague issued a controversial statement during a press conference that the player will not be assigned the task of watching Cristiano Ronaldo and will depend on the style of the attack, noting that he wants to qualify from "Juventus' danger lies in Ronaldo, but he wants to increase pressure on Juventus attack and re-use defensive mistakes, as well as the first tug of war Evar, "said teenage Hague.

The match will be broadcast on BBC Sport II with Rauf Khalif Ali's commentary in the first voice, with Ali Mohammed Ali in the second voice channel, the game will be headed by Judge Kilmin Turian.

The match will start at 21:00 EST, 10:00 KSA, 11:00 am UTC, 7:00 GMT.

Juventus vs. Ajax

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