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Caused by smoking. Fatal disease develops without feeling

The French newspaper Le Figaro reports that there is an unknown disease caused by smoking, hardly known by doctors or injured, killing hundreds every year and inflicting on patients without a feeling.

This disease is called lung disease, chronic bronchitis and suffocation (Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease ), Which is still unknown, despite the fact that 17 thousand people gather annually, five times more than traffic accidents (in France), and in people aged 40 years old by 7.5%.

Symptoms of the disease are mainly manifested in the backdrop of breath, according to Nicola Roche, a pulmonary specialist at the Kochin Hospital and head of the linguistic community in the French-speaking world.

Although symptoms appear, patients themselves may not know for years that they are infected with the disease, so they are not treated. Smoking causes 80% of the disease.

Three-quarters of the infected do not seem aware of their injuries, although they began to feel disabled. "I feel more and more nervous, but it's normal by age, smoking and work underground," said one patient.

In 2001, Marie-Jose Dosantos told her story of the disease when she asked her to stop smoking, and if she had not diagnosed the disease ten years after she lost her job and had to carry an oxygen bottle on her back, she became an activist to identify and warn of the disease.

There are two factors that increase the disappearance of this disease: the first ignorance for most health professionals with symptoms, and the latter covered by the infected because they consider that disability may cause some of them to lose their jobs, which made Frederick de Gion call to support people with this disease in order to improve their living conditions.

The mystery of this disease is supplemented with symptoms of aging, leading to apnea during work and movement.

These communities and communities interested in the disease reported a white paper advising them to quit smoking and also called for ease of admission of people infected with it to the recommended course of treatment, which is the therapeutic stages include strengthening muscles and training for to make an effort and to follow a particular diet.

Professor LaRouche notes that only 20 to 30 per cent benefit from this path, due to the fact that patients are often indifferent to a certain path, as well as the lack of health insurance and special care for the disease.

Although this disease is the primary cause of 5% of deaths in 2016, the killer is in the fourth grade in 2030, according to the WHO projections, and we must remain optimistic.

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