Friday , October 22 2021

Canceling a friendly national team in front of the UAE


Officials of the Football Federation announced on Sunday the cancellation of a friendly match against the UAE national team, which was to take place in the United Arab Emirates on November 20, as part of the celebration of the UAE National Day.

Source in the Football Federation for "Vito" in the last hour hall and discussions between the officials of the Football Federation and technical staff of the national team led by the Mexican Javier Aguirre, which resulted in the final announcement of the official cancellation by the Football Association for the following reasons.

Not approved by «Viva»
FIFA refused to approve the match on the international agenda, so the match will not benefit the national team in terms of its ranking in the monthly FIFA rankings. If FIFA representatives insist on the match without FIFA approval, the training staff will not have the right to engage international players.

Agiri Refuses to experience
Mexican Javier Aguirre told the representatives of the football federation that he refused to face the national team of the UAE and that he wants to have a stronger team with one of the best teams in the classification to achieve the desired technical benefits and more objectively assess the capabilities of his team, which did not provide him contact with the UAE team .

Players' rewards
Among the strong reasons that prompted the representatives of the Football Association to cancel UAE friendships, some players, especially professionals, told technical staff that he refused to travel to the United Arab Emirates and took part in the game, and required a fee in the case of insistence on travel and participation in the game , A ball that happens to rebel in the ranks of the team.

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