Thursday , April 22 2021

Arab countries have provided trillions of dollars to America – Egypt now

Bar Association: Arab countries have provided trillion dollars in America The idea of ​​the Union to reject the attempted abduction and separation of the Arab homeland through Syria, Libya, Yemen, Iraq and Sudan, Samhe Ashur, has confirmed the need to pay attention to the true enemy of the nation, Criticizing the provision of some Arab countries to an amount of nearly one trillion dollars in America in the last period.
The head of the Bar Association, during the Alexandria Ceremony in honor of the elders of the profession, said that this amount was sufficient to pay the debts of all Arab countries and make the greatest economic development, and those who acknowledge that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel is a traitor to his nation and his homeland and conscience. That's what we accept in the union, the fall of America, Israel and we live in the Arab nation for a long time. "
The ceremony was attended by Khalid Abu Karisha, Secretary General, Yahya Al-Tuni, treasurer, Abu Bakr Bhukha, Assistant Secretary General, Adham Al Ashmawi, Mayed Hana, Kamal Mehna, Ali Al-Saeger, Mustafa Al Banan, Isa Abu Isa and Mohamed Arida. , And members of the eastern and western Alexandria sub-sections.

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