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Alhoudaj: Saudi Arabia is world leader in promoting community health

SCDA chief executive Dr Hisham al-Shadi has confirmed that the Kingdom has achieved global leadership in promoting community health.It is considered one of the first countries to oblige fresh juice shops to not add sugar to the juice. Health »Tobacco Products, the first country to regionally oblige restaurants and cafes to display calories on the menu of meals provided at food establishments.

During yesterday's launch of the third annual conference and exhibition entitled "Consumer Partnership for Community Protection" under the auspices of the Minister of Health and Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Food and Drug Administration Dr. Tawfik Arabiyach, that the Kingdom between the top five countries in the world The food industry and among the top 10 countries in the world in the disclosure of allergens in the list of meals provided at food establishments. "This year the conference will be the main focus of the consumer," he said. "More than 120 local companies, 80 international companies and 3,500 brands of food, medicine and medical devices will come together to offer promising partnership and investment opportunities." . He pointed out that the conference includes over three days of 12 science sessions, 15 workshops and 4 training courses provided by 110 local and international speakers of experts, specialists and stakeholders. "Our goal is to strengthen our communication and to strengthen our partnerships with the government and the private sector, all scientific and professional. We seek through our departments and organizations to develop our standards, procedures and methods of work in controlling food, medicine and medical devices, raising their safety, transferring successful experiences in these fields and sharing experiences. Capacity development through specialized workshops and scientific discussion and dialogue sessions are characterized by expert and scientific ones », noting that next year 2020 will be full of programs, systems and applications, since hydrogenated oils will be completely prevented and the Commission will work with all its partners to reduce food contaminants, as well as increased availability of drugs and safety in medicines and medical devices, expanding digital transformation and the use of artificial intelligence.

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