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Al-Ali seeks to consolidate his African wounds ahead of Al-Oswal at the Arab Championship

Al Ahly will meet with his partner in Washington, Al Wahl, at 17:00 at the Zabel Stadium in the United Arab Emirates in the 16th round of the Zeeed Cup for Arab Champions Clubs.

Reds should receive the door in order to reach the quarter-finals of the championship, while a draw or a positive draw with fewer goals in the first part brings the UAE champions in the quarter-finals directly.

Al Ahli wants to overcome the OAU's hurdle and grow into the quarter-finals of the Zee Cup Cup for the Arab League of Champions to reconcile its angry fans after losing the title to the Champions League in Esperance, despite the team's desire to continued his journey to the final stage of the championship, and then the match for the Arab title.

Today's game is a special challenge for French coach Patrice Cartier, who was excluded from the worms during the match.

Ahli's technical staff led by French Patrice Cartier called a list of 21 players:

Goalkeepers: Mohamed Al Shnavi, Sheriff Ekrami and Ali Lutfi

Defenders: Saad Samir, Salif Kulibali, Ayman Ashraf, Sabri Rachel, Ahmed Alaa and Karim Nedved

Center: Akram Tafik, Hosam Ashur, Hisham Mohamed, Walid Suleyman, Naser Maher, Islam Mahareb, Mohamed Sharif, Ahmed Sheikh and Ahmed Hamudi

The attack: Walid Azaro, Marwan Mohsen and Salah Mohsen

Al-Ali is in the middle of several matches, including Ahmed Fati, Ali Malul, Junior Ajay, Mohamed Najib, Amr Sulay and Mohammed Hani.

The expected formation of Al Ahli in front of Al Val OAE

Al-Ali is expected to meet today to form a component of:

Goalkeepers: Mohamed Al Shnavi.

Defense Line: Ayman Ashraf, Mohamed Hani, Salif Kulibali, Ahmed Alaa, Saad Samir,

Midfielders: Amr Al-Sulavia, Hisham Mohamed, Mado Jaber, Ahmed Hamuddi, Mohamed Sharif,

Offensive: Hall Mohsen and Marwan Mohsen

Channel channels to meet the United Arab Emirates and UAE link

Al Ahly will play against Al Wahl in the UAE via Abu Dhabi Sport at 17:30 in Cairo and at 18:30 in Mecca on Thursday (November 22nd).

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