Sunday , January 24 2021

After a long absence .. Ragha meets Hanan Mutava

After a long absence from the art scene, the Syrian artist Raghada, accompanied by Hanan Mutava, appeared with one of her friends at dinner together in a restaurant.

Mutawa posted a photo of her rally with Raghda and one of her friends through her personal account, and soon she took thousands of comments and comments from their audience.

Hanan Mutava and the Syrian artist Raghada
Hanan Mutava and the Syrian artist Raghada

Hanan Mutavea participates in the star "Touch Activ" star Yasser Galal, who is due to appear in the next race of Ramadan and embodies a character called "Aida" in a marriage with Hazem – Fati Abdel Wahab – who works in drug trafficking and trades in furniture and wood, Hiyar Sharnubi – because of "Zidan" personified by Mohamed Ezz.

A series of working events for the retired wrestler's life and a series of other events, such as Yasser Abdel-Rahman, Fati Abdel Wahab, Hanan Motava, Emman El Asi, Doniya Abdel Aziz, Mohamed Ezz, Cheba Abdel Ghani, Samar Morsi, Play and Get In in practical life in other ways.

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