Sunday , April 18 2021

A rash by an American reveals a sexually transmitted disease

The details of this news are a rash of the skin in the hands of an American woman diagnosed with sexually transmitted disease

The gonorrhea belongs to sexually transmitted diseases, so no doctor is considering examining the patient's hands when listening to the word gonorrhea.

But in Texas, a 20-year-old girl with gonorrhea was spotted with signs in her arms. When the doctor was admitted to hospital because of small red bubbles on his arms, legs and even his head, the results of laboratory tests showed that these bubbles were symptoms of gonorrhea.

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Gonorrhea turns into incurable disease

According to the doctors, the girl suffered from muscle aches, high temperatures and joint pain. She also practiced sex without using protective measures two weeks before the onset of these symptoms.

Based on this information, doctors described antibiotics after the results of the analysis confirmed that infection caused by bacteria caused by bacteria "Neisseria gonorrhoeae".

After taking antibiotics according to a prescription, the results of the new analysis showed that the disease was cured.

According to the World Health Organization, the gonorrhea in the world is infected with 78 million people a year in different countries in the world. The disease is successfully treated with antibiotics, but when it is not treated, it turns into a so-called penetrating infection, which travels in all parts of the body and causes many problems.

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