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9 Tips to protect your child from obesity

Obesity in children is a serious health condition affecting children and adolescents. They occur when the weight of the child (or child) exceeds the normal weight of his age and height to a large extent, and this is alarming because it represents the children of many health and psychological problems.
One of the best strategies for reducing obesity in children is to improve your diet and stimulate your family's exercise habits. Treatment and prevention of obesity in children helps to protect your child's health now and in the future.

* Healthy lifestyle
Because drugs and surgery are not recommended for children aged 12 years and younger and are not recommended for older children, changing lifestyle is usually the best treatment for obesity in children.

The best chance for you to have a healthy weight for your child is to start a healthy diet and exercise more:
* Eat healthy
Parents should be those who buy food and cook and will determine how to eat. There are several tips that can make healthy family behavior in food, including:
1 – Encourage your child to eat a variety of fruits and vegetables, the goal is to eat your child at least five meals of fruits and vegetables every day, and helps you:
– Make sure your snacks are always healthy.
– Leave a bowl of fruit on the table.
– Keep the fruits and vegetables in front of the fridge.
2 – Reduce the intake of sweetened drinks, including those that contain fruit juice and sports drinks.
Where these beverages have only limited nutritional value compared to their high caloric content.
It will make your child feel so full that he can not eat better food.

3. Eat family meals together:
– Sit on the table.
– Turn off TVs and other electronic devices to take care of each other and the amount of food you eat.

4 – More than eating at home, and try to reduce the visit to fast-food restaurants and other restaurants to a minimum.
Because many of the menu options in those restaurants, with high content of fats and calories.
Physical activity
Physical activity is a critical part for maintaining and maintaining healthy weight. This activity burns calories and helps build strong bones and muscles.
It will also help children sleep well at night and stay active during the day, further establishing healthy childhood habits increases the likelihood of a teenager maintaining healthy weight despite hormonal changes, rapid growth and social impacts that usually lead to overuse Food.
Active children are more likely to become physically capable adults.

To improve your child's activity, follow these steps:
1 – 2 hours or less
Always take two hours or less to sit in front of the device's screens a day. One sure way to increase your child's activity is to limit the number of hours that you can watch TV every day.
Other activities during the session, such as playing video games, computers or talking on the phone, should also be limited.

2. Activity, not exercises
It is not necessary for your child to follow an organized exercise program, the goal is only to move.
Free play activities, such as playing hide and seek through the rope, can be great activities for burning calories and improving fitness.
3. Discover your child's favorite activities
If, for example, he had artistic tendencies, he would accompany him in natural walks for collection of works and stones that he could use in installation games.
If your child wants to climb, take him to the nearest playground or near the climbing climb.
If he wants to read, go on a bike or go to a nearby library to read a book.

4. Be active and activate your child
An effective factor is that you maintain an activity level that encourages your child, explore fun activities that the whole family can do together, and do no exercise punishment or routine.

5. Type of activity
Do not allow every child to participate in the choice of activity by day or week. Tennis, bowling and swimming are valuable and it is important to do something that needs activity.

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