Friday , October 22 2021

2,500 spectators in the film "Wanderers of war" in the Cartagena Festival


At the end of Wednesday evening, the Syrian movie "Wanderers of War" took part in the official competition of the 29th feature film of the Film Festival in Carthage, which takes place until November 10.

Over 2,500 people took part in a special screening of the film, which took part in the "Colosseum" cinema, which supported it, and when the film ended, a large group of viewers showed their admiration for the great and exceptional level of the film's actors.

The film is about a group of Syrians chasing after their dreams, trying to make love and joy in the shadow of the war in Syria, and the movie was written by Ayman Zeidan and Saeed, with Ayman Zeidan, Jane Ismail, Tarek Abdo, Lama Hakim and Zuzanna Al Waz.

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