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Will I Bite In This Life :: Show Business ::

A joyful event happened in the life of Julia Baranovska. The popular presenter announced the news.

Iaulija Baranovska is a happy mother of many children. The leader of Channel One gives birth to two sons and a daughter. They are now traveling to Greece, enjoying the sun and the clear sea. In such an idyllic setting, Baranovska announced the good news. She posted a message on Instagram for the birth of a child.

It is about Arseni, who is already seven years old. She was born in London a few weeks after Julia Baranovska's separation from her husband, Andrei Arshavin. The soccer player prefers journalist Alice Kazmin, whom she later marries. True, this marriage soon fell apart.

"I remember that day of the minute. Seconds, minutes, hours, days, months and now seven years of happiness that I have for you, we all have. Honest, open, strong, but incredibly vulnerable, touching and caring. Love everything and everyone around, ”the mother turned to her birthday.

The TV presenter promised: "I will be bitten in this life so I can see how you grow, how you live, to know that I am, that I am somewhere near and always pray for you. Happy birthday, my son. Happy birthday, Arseni! “

Julia Baranovskaia was congratulated on the birth of her son by singer Anna Semenovic, TV presenter Elena Malisheva, socialite Nadezhda Obolenseva, choreographer Alla Duhova and other subscribers.

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