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why can Meghan Markle be stripped of her throne?

Elizabeth II is angry again with the Duchess's antiquity, but this time she is backed by British society.

British media is already openly calling on Prince Harry's wife to follow in the footsteps of Edward VIII, or leave the title. It's all about behavior that is not worthy of the royal personality – it seems that Megan specifically goes against the rules.

The Duchess of Sussex has already managed to cry in an interview, talking about the difficulties in a public family life. Perhaps the "thrilling princess" had hoped to awaken grief to British subjects, but ignorance of customs brought him a trick.

The fact is that members of the royal family should not cry publicly. This is a regulated yard rule. Of course, there are always exceptions – Elizabeth II herself shed a tear on World War II remembrance day, and Diana and Catherine Middleton could not restrain themselves after visiting the Children's Hospice.

However, only the heartless did not cry then, and the British understood it. Mark's tears are caused by self-pity, which has alienated some of her fans. In addition, this angered the queen herself, who hinted at a possible takeover of the throne.

Megan's "hot" photos, uploaded by unidentified hackers to the Web this year, are still deteriorating. The problem is that the date when these photos were taken is still unknown. At least for the general public.

In England it is believed that if Mark had made an inappropriate photo shoot when she was an actress, she would have recognized long ago – the scandalous duchess would have been less forgiving. However, Megan is silent, which means she is "screwed up" already with Harry, British tabloid reports say.

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