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"We did not plan to call Ari, but he deserved to hit the national team"


Stanisław Cherchesov / Photo: © RIA Novosti / Alexey Filippov

After training in Novogorsk, Russia's head coach Stanislav Cherchesov shared information about the wounded and said who would be the captain, not Artem Dzyuba.

– How much do you care about the abundance of injuries?

"It certainly does not bring joy," says Vassily Bogdanow, Match TV correspondent, quoting the words of a specialist. – But this is professional football and there are no injuries in it. Of course, I did not want to lose so many players, but I mean. We go from the possibilities we have.

– Tell us more about Ari's phone.

– The day before we called him and asked if he was ready to come. We also talked here. By the way, I was the first in Russia to notice him. Follow yourselves for a long time. In the summer, on his own initiative, he received a Russian passport and received a legal basis for the national team. We carefully watch everyone with whom you can play. Initially, they did not plan to call Ari to make significant changes. They wanted to see him in the spring, if need be. However, the injury of Artem Dziuba forced us to react. Ari has been playing great lately, so he deserved the challenge.

– Do you always remember potential candidates or discuss everything along the way?

– As I said, we follow everybody carefully. When we apply, we try to identify who may be in the security network in case of force majeure. Although, of course, they did not expect that there would be so many problems this time. I am sorry for Akhmetov, who received the first challenge in his career … By the way, you immediately raised the subject of injury, but for us it is a moment of work.

– What is the state of Petrov, Zobnin and Kudryaszow?

– We checked them – like Jikia. We do not release any unhealthy footballer on the pitch. The boys were running, we will follow their dynamics. After the route, everyone has wounds – such contact.

"But can they play against Germans?"

– We have a few days before the match to decide. Now the situation is one, maybe different. By the way, Petrov has no injuries – they just decided that after the trip the training would not do him good. Dziuba, by the way, came, but she was not engaged. They will be involved individually.

– Who will be the captain instead? Gazinsky?

– Yes.

– Do you have any preferences regarding the goalkeeper?

– We will look and decide. There is a starting list that you can not get, even if you're the main player. We do not quiver because of the goalkeeper's position, but we analyze the available information.

– Weather introduces corrections?

– There is no training in the process, but in the form of clothing – yes. We have not changed much, but UEFA took us one day, so we need to make the best use of the available time. We conducted a small meeting, outlined the goals of this collection.

– Would you like to wish good luck to Oleg Kononov in Spartak?

– We want it only for ourselves – we have two important matches ahead of us.

– If more players fall due to an injury, will you call someone who will replace them?

– First, you must hear the doctors' verdict. Then we will make a decision.

– Have you studied the composition of the German national team?

– Yes, and we know that they also have problems. They have all teams in front of each team, and that's fine. We collect information, analyze their matches. Players until the load fails – talk when you arrive in Germany. We are preparing according to plan.

The friendly match between Germany and Russia will take place on November 15. Starting – at 22:45 (MSK).

You can watch the live broadcast of the match on Match Premier, and, as well as in the Match Club application.

Football Friendly match. Germany – Russia

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