Monday , January 18 2021

Victoria Ooh Recognized that the millionaire did not want to have a second child from her

39-year-old Victoria Bonnie takes her seven-year-old daughter Angelina Letizia from her ex-husband, Irish millionaire Alex Smurfit. Now the girl rests with her father in Bali.

According to the former participant "Home-2 ", Alex is a strict father." Recently, Angelina behaved poorly, and took his phone for two days. He brings it well, "- said Ooh! "Russian radio.

Presenter Alla Dovlatova asked Victoria, why their relationship with Smurfit ended. "So, How come. I think, that we ourselves make our choice. Of course, I would love a whole family. In the future, I dream of three more children, "the star said.

Added Victoria, that she wanted more children than Alex, but he did not want to. "After the birth of our daughter, we talked to him," I said, that I want to have more children than him, however, he was against it, "Bonia said.

Despite the separation, Victoria and Alex stayed in good relations. Besides that, The Smerfield family treats their ex-wife with great affection and respect, their photos are still stored in their house.

Information came from last fall., that Alex will marry a Swedish model, Natalie Sinquist. However, the wedding did not happen.

So far, she also could not establish a personal life. In September she spoke, which is dating alen Geoffrey Beyer, businessman from Los Angeles. But, obviously, their relationship quickly ended. Before that, the TV presenter had an affair with Pierre Andrian, oil trader from France. Vika began to meet him after her separation with her civilian man Alex Smerfit.

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