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Unexpected signs of lung problems are named.

Unexpected signs of lung problems are named.The brain uses only 15 percent of the oxygen that enters the body.

The most important basic process that ensures human vitality, – breathing. In general, remember the basics of Soviet detectives. In order to determine whether a person is alive or not, it is necessary to bring a mirror to his mouth and to check if he breathes. This vital process takes place through the supply of oxygen to the lungs and the elimination of excess carbon dioxide. It takes all this heavy work to the lungs. Today, many think about the health of the stomach, back, skin … but the lungs often remain without proper attention.

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The point is that the lungs – the only organ without nerve endings. They do not hurt. And people do not want to think about their situation. Smoking, viral infections, toxic gases, dust, smoke, air in office buildings – All of this can cause lung problems. Unfortunately, most commonly lung diseases are detected at advanced stages, when a person becomes difficult to breathe.

"VM" they find out what symptoms to pay attention to in time to start treatment or to prevent the disease.

1. Dyspnea

Lack of breath during physical exertion, stressful situations – norm. But if dyspnea does not disappear within a few minutes, or even follows you for a long time, you should consider visiting a doctor. Lack of breath suggests that the lungs are in a tense state or the airways are blocked.

2. Confusion

Air is indispensable to ensure an appropriate thought process. And if, because of lung problems, the brain can not get its "legitimate" 15 percent, then healthy functioning is no longer possible. One person becomes sleepy, the working capacity decreases, and the trembling periodically occurs in the muscles.

3. Weight loss

If you do not change the diet, your diet remains the same, and the weight quickly decreases, which means that the body uses the emergency-saved supplies. By the way, do not lose fat. Due to the inflammatory process, the muscles begin to decompose and lose weight. For lung problems, a person can not eat much for one meal due to lack of air. In order not to waste energy on digestion, the body gives a signal that the stomach is full.

4. Permanent cough

Cough is acceptable only in situations where the lungs try to protect the respiratory tract from external irritants, the aggressive and negative effects of the external environment. If a cough occurs without a cause, or has already turned into a chronic phase, you should contact a specialist. These are the first signs of lung disease.

5. Chest pain

As mentioned above, there are no nerve endings in the lungs and they can not get sick. But in a shell that covers the chest wall, there are such. And if there are problems in the lungs near it, then it can begin to send pain signals. Often, when a person has lung disease, shoulders, thoracic spine and neck hurt. Pain is intensified during sharp corners of the body, movement of the hands or change of position.

6. Surplus and breathing during breathing

Closing the sound – sign of narrowing of the airways. The air can not enter the lungs enough. This results in the body losing oxygen, which can cause irreversible consequences. A dangerous symptom may be a sign of asthma, emphysema, or lung cancer.

7. We go to the lower part of the body.

Foot and lower back pain may also indicate lung problems. The fact is that due to inadequate functioning of the pulmonary system, blood circulation does not receive enough oxygen and can not circulate properly through the body. Plus, oxygen starvation starts in the muscles, which leads to exhaustion. The organs do not function properly, the toxins are not exhausted, and the fluid accumulates in the lower body.

8. Headaches

This is especially true for morning headaches. If your morning starts with dizziness or pain, you should immediately contact a specialist. Dull painful headache may be caused by chronic abstract pulmonary disease. With this disease, it can not take a deep breath, and carbon dioxide builds up in the body.

9. Chronic fatigue

The irregular lung function leads to exhaustion of the entire organism. Because of this, a sick person is exhausted and tired much faster than a healthy one. All this happens because of lack of oxygen in the body.

10. Sleep problems

If you can fall asleep only by taking a certain position, for example, on a chair or on a high cushion, and when lying on a flat surface, breathing difficult, you need to check your lungs. The horizontal position makes the lungs work harder. And if you can not lie down or wake up with breathing or coughing at night, you need help from a qualified specialist.

"VM" spoke to the pulmonologist at the city polyclinic no. 6 from the Moscow Health Service Anna Nikitina and found out which preventive methods are needed to protect themselves against pulmonary diseases.

– Major lung diseases – these are respiratory infections, so primary prevention should include compulsory influenza vaccination. People over 65 are risking, smokers, people who consume alcohol and overweight, and people with chronic pathologies of cardiovascular and endocrine systems. As for the elderly, in polyclinics, they may become involved in a pneumococcal infection, it allows you to protect yourself from the most common types of pneumonia. Vaccination is recommended for all patients at risk. Do not forget about the course of the examination – This is an important aspect of prevention that people often ignore. In the early stages of lung disease he is very well cured.

Also, do not forget about the way of life. In an ordinary person, he is quite hypodynamic. I recommend recreational activities: to do sports, swimming, or at least just go. By the way, Scandinavian walking is very useful for the prevention and control of pulmonary diseases. All physical exercises aim to increase body resistance, which additionally successfully affects the improvement of immunity and well-being.

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In addition, it is very important to observe the regime of work and rest. Chronic fatigue has a negative effect on the condition of the body. People with chronic fatigue are more at risk of lung disease. And in no way should they get involved. If anything interferes, then it's much more reasonable to contact a qualified specialist. It is much more difficult to repair the healed case than to cure the disease at an early stage.

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