Sunday , April 18 2021

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Singer Svetlana Loboda concisely spoke about the final of the sixth season of the Golos Kids project, which won her defense – daughter Alsuu Mikel Abramova. Two identical singers announced in "VKontakte" and Instagram.

The texts of the record consist of one character – the heart of the smiley. Below are photographs of two other students from her who fought with Abramova in the finals – Nino Chesner and Robert Bagratyan. She did not mention Mikkel.


Photo posted by @lobodaofficial

Alsou's singer has disabled comments on her Instagram under the last post where she was caught with her daughter. Under other images, netizens actively write angry comments.

Earlier it was reported that Channel One would reconsider the results of the "Voice". In the final there were signs of "anomalous vote" in favor of one of the participants.

The final and super finals were held on April 25th. During both speeches, Abramova won the most votes and won. Netizens called the results of the competition paid, and the numbers – shame. In two hours, the videos with her latest songs gathered 4.6 thousand, and liked only 862 likes.

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