Wednesday , October 27 2021

The wife of Dmitr Dibrow, Polina, can hide the fourth pregnancy – fans


Photo shoots of a slim "Mrs. Russia – 2018" turned into a "sit-ins" written by fans, citing the reality of the next fertilization.

Dibrov's Polina is not a beauty and harmony. Always a neat and attractive model never ceases to surprise subscribers with frames from photo sessions and home work. In a family with showman Dmitry Dibrow, Polina became the mother of many children and gave birth to three wonderful sons.

"Wonderful people! All Siberian health !!!", "It's always nice to look at you! Such real, delicate, feminine and children – candy", "Polinochka !!! How good you feel !!! is not easy with boys, especially after the weather … I am sincerely happy because of you, you are a great mommy !!! Your children are wonderful !!! "- the fans do not stop talking.

Fans also predict that Dmitry Dibrov's wife may hide her fourth pregnancy.

"Fourth boy will be too?" Congratulations! "," Well, now you will have your daughter for sure "," And what a beautiful girl will be born! Remember to give birth "" I wish you that these beautiful ones would give birth to a younger sister "- the fans write.

Such comments were justified by the fact that Polina changed the angle of photography. Earlier in the girl "Storiz" published photos in full growth, she stressed her figures and finesse. Now her fresh photos look like "meetings." Paulina seems to hide a pregnant belly for children and not take a full-length selfie. It is also worth noting that any prospective mother changed her diet.

"Good morning, I love a beautiful breakfast – a load of mood for the day." And you? "- wrote Polina under the photo on the social network, and at the same time on her table there were only fruits.

If Polina Dibrova is pregnant for the fourth time, the fans predict that it will be a secret, and if not, then Dmitry's wife will have to provide a full-length photo.

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