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The widow of Mikhail Zadornova gave the young people a satirical vocabulary of Russian vocabulary


00:29, 11/11/2018

Elena Bombina stressed that her husband does not like stupid people.

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Well-known humorist Mikhail Zadornov died on November 10, 2017. Mikhail Nikolaevich was 69 years old. The artist was treated for cancer for a year, but he could not overcome this terrible disease. On the first anniversary of the satirist's death, his friends and family gathered in the "Tonight" studio of the first channel to commemorate Mikhail Zadornov and share the unknown details with him.

The director of the comedy Elena Bombina and her daughter took part in the filming of the program. elenafirst wife of Mikhail Zadornov Velta Yanovnasister of Mikhail Nikolayevich, a humorist Sergey Drobotenko, vocalist Brandon Stone, actress Irina Bezrukova and others. At the beginning of the show, presenter Maxim Galkin noticed that Mikhail Zadornov did not like the memory events because of the atmosphere of sadness, so today they will remember only the fun and pleasant moments of the artist's life. However, Galkin was not able to go through the theme of the music of Mikhail Nikolayevich, who appeared after the death of the satirist.

The widow of Mikhail Zadornov, who died of cancer, is dissatisfied with the fact that the humorist had his first wife to be a testament

The family of Mikhail Zadornov

Mikhail Zadornov

"I am glad that I can talk about it" – started Elena Bombina. – What is a writer without a muse? During all the years of his work, Mikhail invited young performers and performers for his performances. He learned from them and taught himself. But some have enough dignity and respect for the memory of Mikhail Nikolayevich, and some of them earn money on black PR. The subject of music gives me personally sympathy and irony. Apparently these girls do not have enough talent, that's why they talk about Michael "

Particular attention was paid to the current actress Marina Orlova. "Young Muse" Zadornov, as he called it, accompanied him on the road because they had twin rooms. According to Marina, on his initiative, they met Mikhail Nikolayevich: the satirist heard her song "My Genius", he was very moved by poems and asked the actress to share this song with the audience at the concert. It was said that the relations between Mikhail Zadornov and Marina Orlova go beyond the framework of the workers. The actress herself did not comment on such speculations, but she said that Mikhail Nikolayevich left her a delicate message.

Marina Orlova

Elena Bombina made fun of this story. Truthful words of a young actress did not believe in friends of Mikhail Zadornov. In addition, the studio presented a video with the participation of Marina Orłowa in the program "We got married!" The actress presented the scarf to one of the potential competitors who, in her opinion, knitted. On the product embroider the word, we get married for the mistake that the presenters of the romantic program got excited about. "Mikhail did not like stupid people and did not communicate with them," Zadornova, a widow said, and asked Maxim Galkin to give him a present from Orlov, a dictionary of the Russian language. "We will close this topic," Bombin summed up, and Galkin promised to fulfill the request of widow Mikhail Zadornov.

In the memory of Mikhail Zadornov: family for the first time about love and loss. Today at night. Edition 10/11/2018

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