Sunday , October 24 2021

The teacher from Sakhalin brought the student to tears because of the hole in the sweater


MOSCOW, November 12 – RIA News. A teacher of the Russian language and literature at the school in Kholmsk, Sakhalin, led the student to tears because of a small hole in the navy's shoulder. Video of the incident published on the Internet.

Child. Vintage photo
In Yakutia, a primary school teacher was suspected of a physical assault

On the cages shot by classmates, the teacher publicly scolded the girl.

"Do you have parents or are they adequate at all? Are you fit? Are you a foster child?" – he says.

According to the Sachalin portal, the teacher was interrogated and the student and her parents apologized. In addition, a parents' meeting is planned during which the incident will be discussed. The Sakhalin prosecutor's office began to check after publishing the video.

Earlier in the media there were reports that in St. Petersburg a primary school teacher in 684th school wrote the word "fool" on the forehead of an eight-year second-degree student, because despite repeated teacher's comments, they drew "tattoos" with a marker. While checking the prosecutor's case, this fact has been confirmed. The school administration terminated the employment contract with the teacher on the basis of paragraph 8 of Article 81 of the Labor Code of the Russian Federation: at the initiative of the employer for committing an amoral act. The global court has set her a fine of thousands of rubles.

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