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The screen is the final header of the serial desktop. Continue reading and reading ?: Cinema: Culture:

Oktyabr has become the finale of the season – on the screen of the season finale of "Konya Goddess", "Mystery Robot", "Cremation Valley", and Spice's "Severity of the World" 2005. Helpful What Happened to a Set of Interesting Reporter: HBO Dream Serial Pro Rossi, Katherine Jane played a song by Froticheskih Zelani Mamashu, and the creator of "Samurai Djeka" decided to play horror again and again. The main showroom – в «Lentы.ru».

«Конь БоДжек» / BoJack Horseman

Anthropomorphic Constellation – Successful Actor with a Psychological Problem, Murder without Successful Treatment of Alcoholism, Prescription Drugs and Narcotics – Timely and Concise Dosages. Nachavshisь how satire o budnяh zoomorfnыh zhiteleй Gollivuda, show pяtь seasons prevratilosь in nastoящuю Drama O request schastья and vzaimoponimaniя and glavnый character kotorogo shouranner Rafaэlь Bob Uэйksberg zadumыval how anti-hero, Sumela, even with All Saints' ego ochevidnыh the disadvantage and problems polюbitьsя viewer , both of them and the roll model. Various cultures of the Goddess were devoted to the creation of the clock, the slaughter of the gods and the satire of the samikh creative multiverse. The sixth season, boasting an Instagram-acclaimed main character, split into two hours and becoming a zaklichitsilny. Premiere First Half Finale – October 25 on Netflix, Second Hour Insight World January 31, 2020.


«The Guardians», based on the famous comic book 1980-x, katorый десять flight back to Crisis Zac Snyder. The film Okazalsya is not just a success (the "Guardians" feature raised 185 million dollars at a whopping 130 million dollars), and it is not a good idea to criticize. The main personalities in the distant past are education braziers for fairness, a lesser peace, in the onslaught of animals, the reading of presuppositions and the psychic inevitability. The anti-superhero theme for the last year has not been aired on television: more "Pacan", "Academia Ambrella", "Rokovoy Patrul", second season "Karatelia", – and then "Chronicle", which has been uploaded. The creators of the series canceled the idea of ​​sharing a masterclass with Snyder – instead of the comic book sequel, the ego destroys 30 minutes after its final finale. The premiere season premiere budgets a dozen episodes per hour and airs on October 20 on HBO.


Serial Frika Kripke of Brother Dine and Syme Winchester, Killed Into The Imperial After United AC / DC Songs, Kansas And Bon Jovi, And In The Dark, For 14 Seasons God. Casalos, after Togo, as its creator, creator of the longest possible series and deviation from the shoemaker's long enough and far-fetched season, is likely to be the last one. fasts «Game throne». Premiere – 10 october on The CW.

"Catherine the Great" / Catherine the Great

HBO has a long history in Eastern Europe. After the success of the "Chernobyl" TV channel prepared a series of Russian Empress Catherine II. In the case of a long-awaited "serial", as did the head of "Yeh Moskvy" Alexei Venediktov in the "Chernobyl", – in Russian history , and "Ekaterinou", the third season in a row planned for 2019. Dramatics on what historical personage was too prestigious: born in Prussia to the Pretender Buddhist priesthood for the successor to the Russian throne Petra Fedorovich on the 16th flight, not far from the sea Seriously serial, kotorый budet sostat из из четырех зопизодов, focus on the last god of the evil empire, the poem is a novel by Grigoriy Potemkin and the Pugacheva uprising. Roll Catherine the Great by Helen Miller. The actress has a press release, which showcases the personality of "successful and successful women" and does not budge from participating in sexually explicit, sexually explicit acts of violence and abuse. Premiere consists of 21 October.

Mr. Robot Robot

As soon as he is on the psychology of psychology psychologist thriller, the story of the engineer of cyberbullying and hacker Flotio Alderson (Rami Malek), a cybercrime hacker. The brilliant idea of ​​digital revolutions show endlessly experimenting over the high-minded, the ego in debris of mainstream knowledge and the demonstra- tively absurd realistic scene. Serial tackle rookie Carly Haskin and Christian Slater, and last season rookie Joey Bada $$. The premiere finale, featuring a cast of 12 episodes, comprises October 6 on USA Network.

«Withизнь с самим собой» / Living With Yourself

Is it in your cogda-nibud, where does your exact copy get your exact copy? It's easy to miss Stream (admit, news specific) in general, but don't miss "Business with Sammy" by Timati Greenberg, featured on The Daily Show by Dzhonom Startom. The chief geographer of Málz Эliot (Paul Radd, Чelovek-muraveй), lacks his vitality and desire to become a "lucrative version of himself", at least as a result of his self-promotion and self-promotion. ego DNA », how to make an ego in the forefront of its own potential. Once you have created an ego clone and rescued old bodies, – and the details that are sufficiently important, do not warn, do not warn. One original original will be processed, and two will start differentiating personal income from sharing. And again, Milzov's life is a half-baked cup of coffee, and the other is simply jealousy, when he first gets a taste of his own success. Premiere of "Business with Sammy Boy" – October 18 on Netflix.

«The Kremlin Valley» / Silicon Valley

Midnight finale – on IT Comedy Group, for this season, we have started from zero to zero – "incubator" to giant companies – to earn revenue by sending money to its subsidiary , as the only joke in the face of a revolutionary product. Serial shows, like a modern IT-development project, how interesting ideas come to fruity business, – and everything in a comedy format. The last, sixth season of Tomasom Middleditch, Dzhoshem Brennerom, Martin Starrom and Cumilom Nandziani on the HBO October 27th Roll.

«Walkодячие мертвецчи» / The Walking Dead

2019-каказаза ве ве ве ве весссссссщыщщщщщщщлщлллллллл :лл-::—-::::—-:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: skip pop up comedy «Мертвые не умирают» Dzhima Djarmmusha and the tape adaptations of black culture short excursion into the history of "Malishka-zombie" Bertrana Bonello. In October we will be back in season "Yodiyachi mertvecov" – the serial owl has begun to become the main character of the season, unimaginably restored the cast and prepared the soundtrack. Unsurprisingly, the story is about to be collected – comic book by American writer Roberta Kirkman, on a Kotorom series set up, broadcasted by the 193-year-old, and aired on TV today. , the longevity of the show just does not turn into a zombie scandal, the inevitable scenes and personalities – the introductions of a couple of episodes of tragedy. The season premiere of the season will be October 6 on AMC.

«Острые козырьки» / Peaky Blinders

The 2018 series "Ostriche kozyrie" has become a UK-based show after the BAFTA version. Project Steven Nafta (Screenwriter, "Porco at Export" and "Taboo"), premiered in 2013, discussing the group bandwagon from Birmingham, engraving on English in 1920s. "Ostriche kozыrьки", based on the reality series, starring in the serialization of Killian Murphy, starring Adrian Brody, Tom Hardy and Edan Gillen. The creators of "Kozirkov" hit the air this season, premiering for hours scheduled on Oct. 4 on Netflix.

«Первобытный» / Genndy Tartakovsky's Primal

Gandhi Tartakovski's project, The Multi-Laureate Emmy Laureate, Creates the Legendary MultiSeries "Samurai Djek" (and features "Labs Dextera", "Supercroshek" and Many others), a half-length edition. В «Pervobitnom» does not budge the dialogue – the development of the religion to the most exalted. At a time when historical dignity is not pretentious, it is more likely to be demonstrated to us, as the chief personification of the mammoth, when he assists the creation of a dinosaur-theropod, a mystical antichrist. And what a Tartakovsky style firm. Prev «Prevobitnogo», cut to the ground by Spizodov, scheduled for 7 October at Adult Swim.


Pared scholnikami from the series "Rasvet" Bolshet does not stand in the way, Kem hotiyat stat, kogda vrastut, – Disaster of peaceful massacre unjustifiable gossip, ulitzy zoblanyyabychivy bodychyyyyyyyyyyyydmi mchyvyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy mamyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy mamyyyyyyy. Comedy series, after a triumphant overtaking of the episode "Communion", tells the story of 17-year-old Jozhosa (Colin Ford), the story of the commanding officer of the Church of the Apostles. «Russet», based on the famous graphic novelist Rachel Bralph, aired on Netflix 24 October.

"Miss Fletcher" / Mrs. Fletcher

Miss Yves Fletcher (Catherine Chan, "The Unbelievable Life of Ultra Mitti"), a divorced middle-aged woman, living in a desolate house after Togo, as she remarried in Brendan. It resolves to become self-sufficient, to live by itself: to conceive of itself as a sexual alter ego and to act in the fulfillment of frothy fantasies, to fall into disrepair. Brendan Temp has been experimenting with his sexuality in college lately. Miss Fletcher 's Foruranerom starred Tom Perotta. Comedy show based on Ego Relative Novel. Serial consisting of Spizodov's semis, premiere – October 27 on HBO.

Batwoman / Batwoman

Billionaire Bridges One mysteriously disappeared, including Batman. Tepper Gorod Gothic Pure Manicam and Pretupnikam all over. Rescue ego inhabitants of the Great Plains of Uэйna, Kate Cain: what awaits the masculine and rebirths in Bethwomen. Главную роль исполняет Ruby Rose (Rattatirovannaya lesbiyanka from «Orange – hit season», played second-person characters in the "Three Sisters: Peaceful Lordship", "Obitel Zla. Last 2 Years"). The CW Television Series serialized on "Universal Strelight" is now "Beethoven" budgets in real life, including reality shows "Flush", "Supergirl" and "Strella". Labeled, as in The CW, at a glance, it decided to simplify its superhero projections – into a series of screenshots of the screen in the instant mess. The "SuperGirls" (the superman's birthplace of Superman, a wonderfully saved Kryptonite planet), is also known as "Batman"; October 6, the sixth season of "Flushing" (pro-aging, capable of developing sunflower seeds) in October 8; training hour «Streley» (o billionaire, I have a horde of greed and grease in my eyes) – 14 october.

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