Friday , April 16 2021

The Russian tennis player has compared life in Monaco and Russia: Tennis: Sport:

Russian tennis player Daniel Medvedev spoke about the move to Monaco and its views on Russia. His words are given by

When Medvedev was a teenager, he believed that life in America or Europe was much better than in Russia, so he began to live in Monaco. "At first it was difficult to adapt, the language did not know, another culture. But I still thought it was cool here," he added.

The player noted that now, returning to Russia, he is more and more loving the country. "Russian culture and mentality, the people themselves." In any case, friends are mostly Russian. "Frankly, I prefer the Russian people. I would like to live here, but tennis does not permit," he said.

On April 19, Medvedev beat Serbia's Novak Djokovic in the quarter-finals of the Masters Series tournament. Tennis player for the first time in his career, headed for the semifinals of the tournament, where he lost to Dusan Lajovic.

At the expense of 23-year-old Medvedev four won the tournaments of the Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP) in singles. Starting in April 2019, it ranks 14th in the rating of ATP.

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