Thursday , August 13 2020

The IAAF declined to comment on the case, as the Russian News Agency – Russian RT

The textbook online transcript of the champion Mira by the athletes in Doha at the official IAAF level in Mary Lassitzke, in the third division of the champion championship, was released.

The IAAF declined to comment on the fact that the LASC has not yet issued a statement.

Situation is paradoxical in its darkness, as the IAAF has officially stopped the Russian Federation under its own flag, but at the moment it has not narrowed its reach to its official pages.

Determination of profit deserves that fact, as the word "ROSSIAN" is written in bold letters.

«Lasitskene does not sound like a transverse plane at a height of 2.08 meters – and, as she speaks, cleanly, it is not even close to her, but it is not so close, but what's not so important: отрицать) entered 2.04 m from the edge of the pavement and fought the evil. What is the third triumph of bloodshed. Wonderful design, great sportsmanship. Maria succumbs to three bumps, a long success, turning her back on a round head », – said in a statement.

Interestingly, as it seems to predыduщem mirovom pervenstve in London in 2017 godu, Cogdell rossiйskie legkoatletы vpervыe bыli vыnuzhdenы vыstupatь not under nacionalьnыm flagom, çŕđóáĺćíűĺ kommentatorы in ustnoй speeches nazыvali rossiяn «rossiяnami in neйtralьnom status», odnako representatives oficialьnogo site IAAF avoid podobnыh formulirovok.

Ranee face-offs, as Lasitskene won the gold medal at the Mira Championship in Qatar and came up with a record-breaking amount of prize money for women's sailing.

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