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The film "Ray and Liz" won the 59th International Film Festival in Thessaloniki – Kultura


ATHENS, November 11. / Corr. TASS Yuri Malinov. The film "Ray and Liz" by British Richard Billingham received the main prize of the 59th International Film Festival in Thessaloniki – the "Golden Alexander" statuette. This was announced at the closing ceremony of the 10-day film forum that took place on Sunday.

The organizers told TASS that the "Golden Alexander" prize, awarded by the authoritative international jury, is accompanied by a cash prize of 8,000 euros.

The protagonists of Billingham's debut film, earlier better known in the photograph, are the director's parents, he appears himself in the face of a boy who observes the physical and moral distribution of his ancestors every day. Three episodes of the film tell about the director's early life in an apartment in the suburbs of Birmingham in the era of austerity measures that distinguished the rule of Margaret Thatcher.

Other prizes

The second main prize – "Silver Alexander" was awarded to the German film "All Right" by Eva Trobisch, which focuses on the life story of a woman who was raped by a relative of her new boss and trying to survive her injuries in silence.

The "Bronze Alexander" Award, set up for the best director, went to the film "Manta Ray" directed by Puttipong Arunpeng. The painting (co-production from Thailand, France and China), allegorically influencing the subject of human hospitality, tells about the salvation of an injured man by a fisherman who, ironically, took his home and workplace at that time. The same film received the award for the most striking artistic experience, as well as the special prize "For Human Values", awarded by the Greek Parliament channel "Television of the Wola" ("Parliamentary television").

The award for the best male role was given to Swede Jacob Södergren, who played Gustav Muller in the Danish thriller "Guilty." Cedergren was impressed by the jury as a policeman who, using an anonymous phone, is looking for a way to save a woman abducted by a criminal. At the same time, the award for the best female role was shared by Aenn Schwartz (photo "Everything is good") and Marissa Triandafillida, who played Panayot's 37-year-old Greek housekeeper in the film "Her work", created jointly by cinematographers from Greece, France and Serbia .

Special awards

Distinction of the international jury received an acute social film "Socrates" Brazilian Alex Moratti about a teenager who fell into a difficult situation in the coastal city of Sao Paulo, as well as the comedy of Cypriot director Marios Piperidisa Smuggler Hendrix, gently tells the story of the complex Cyprus problem for example musician Yannis adventure he went to the rescue of his dog, suddenly crossed the buffer zone and fled north under the control of the Turkish Cypriots.

In the competition section "Virtual reality movies", which viewers watched with special VR glasses, they won the French-American film "Fighting Scar", which also received a cash prize of 3000 € from the Greek Cinema Center.

Award of the International Federation of Film Press / FIPRESCI / awarded in the international section of the French-Qatari film "Sofia", telling about 20-year-old Sofia, who lives in the economic capital of Morocco Casablanca and opposes the traditions of the patriarchal society. In the "Greek Films" section, the FIPRESCI award was given on the Greek-Cypriot tape "Pause", directed by Tony & # 39; Misiali, about a Greek girl named Elpida, who found a way out of a love-free marriage. Pauza also won the prize of the Greek radio and television ERT.

The Award of the Association of Greek Film Critics was given to the film "The River Still" directed by Angelos Frantzis. This tape (co-production of Greece, France and Latvia) tells about the family trials of a young Greek couple who came to work in an industrial city in Siberia.

The audience award in the "International competition" section was given to the film "Winny" by Gustav Muller, in the "Greek Films" section – to the thriller "Asylum II: Ice Road", in the "Balkan show" – Turkish film "Butterflies". In the "Open Horizons" column, fans' sympathies were on the side of the Spanish-Argentinian film "Twelve Nights" directed by Alvaro Brechner, about the three-year imprisonment of three insurgents in prison during the military dictatorship in Uruguay.

The film forum program contains over 250 films

At the 59th International Film Festival in Thessaloniki, which took place on November 1-11, deemed the largest in Greece and the Balkans, 253 films were shown, including films from Russia. The program of the main international competition of the film Thessaloniki included 15 films made in Germany, the USA, Greece, France, Serbia, Denmark, the Netherlands, Sweden, Turkey, Thailand, China, Switzerland, Great Britain, Cyprus, Brazil, Qatar, South Africa and Poland.

Russia was represented at the film festival under the slogan "Open Horizons" with the image of "Dziwactwo" by Ivan Twersowski, which was awarded by the jury of the Karlovy Vary festival in July. In the same section, the music film "Summer" by Kirill Serebrennikov on the young underground rock culture of Wiktor Tsoi and Leningrad from the early 1980s was shown. The film "Crystal" by Darya Zhuk (co-production of Belarus, Russia, Germany and the USA) was also presented to the public who won the Golden Duke Grand Prix at the Odessa International Film Festival in July this year and was nominated by Belarus for "Oscar" in the nomination "Best foreign film. "

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