Sunday , October 24 2021

The famous comic writer Marvel Stan Lee / IA "Amur Info" died


Photo: Stew Milne / Invision for Hasbro, Inc.

According to information received from his daughter Lee, he was taken on Monday morning in an ambulance to a hospital in Los Angeles, California, where he died.

In February he was hospitalized because of heart and breathing problems. Earlier, he had several times canceled public events with his participation due to health problems.

Photo: AP Photo / Scott Eisen

The writer, editor and writer Stan Lee is known as the creator of comics, including Spiderman (Spider-Man), X-Men (X-Men), Iron Man (Iron Man) and Fantastic Four "," Hulk "," Guardians of the Galaxy " Sam Lee repeatedly played episodic roles in films based on his work, worked as the editor-in-chief, publisher, and later served as the president of the Marvel Comics board.

In 2014, when he turned 92, Lee said in an interview: "I thought I was doing something that was not very important, people are building bridges and doing medical research, and here I am writing stories about fictional people in crazy costumes that do unusual and crazy activities. But I think that for years I have realized that entertainment is very serious. "

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