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The education ministry has recommended limiting the use of phones in schools

MOSCOW, August 19 – RIA ur. The education ministry has recommended that the regions consider considering limiting the use of cell phones in schools.

The agency's website clarifies that the measure is aimed at preventing damage to health and improving the effectiveness of the educational process.

The initiative is based on an analysis of international experience, as well as public opinion polls conducted by the Ministry of Education, Rosnaprodezor and Rosopotrebnadzor.

"In the survey, 61% of students, 89% of parents and 90% of teachers supported restricting students' use of cell phones during school hours. About three quarters of respondents believe teachers should restrict their use of mobile phones. phones in schools in the presence of students for personal purposes ". burned in the message.

Experts believe that prolonged use of phones, as well as use while at school, can lead to mental disorders, hyperactivity, irritability, as well as reduced mental performance, memory loss and attention, the website said.

Separately, restrictions are envisaged not to apply to children who need to use phones for health reasons, for example, to monitor blood sugar levels in diabetes.

The Ministry of Education recommends that schools provide mobile phone storage space as well as coordinate ways of communication between parents and children if necessary.

Rosoprenobar will study the health status of students throughout the year, limiting the use of mobile devices, and Rosobornador, along with the Russian Academy of Education, will conduct selective monitoring to improve the efficiency of the educational process.

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