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The director of McDonald & # 39; s ate every day and ate breakfast in restaurants: Food: From Life:


The executive director of the British branch of McDonald & # 39; s Paul Pomroy (Paul Pomroy) admitted that he regularly consumes bigmaks. He spoke about it in the Evening Standard interview.

Pomeroy claims he always has breakfast and lunch at McDonald's on business days. In the morning he usually orders a porridge or a fried bagel, and during the day he eats a roll or a salad. In addition, he has to use MacDostavka from time to time, and the top manager runs children at McDonald's on weekends. "My boys love him," he explains.

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11:08September 28, 2014

"Do I eat big pasta and fries every day? Of course not," says Pomeroy. "So I give myself up once or twice a week." He noticed that there was less than 500 kilocalories in a big purse and suggested that in every restaurant chain there were no less caloric sandwiches.

Big Mac was created in America in 1967. It is a sandwich with two cutlets, cheese, marinated cucumber and lettuce leaves. In the case of a hamburger, a sesame roll cut into three pieces is used. According to the "McDonald & # 39; s" site, the energy value of the British Big Mac is 508 calories. In Russia, this number is 503 kcal.

On May 5, it was reported that the American Don Gorske ate a 30-thousandth large bag in his life. It absorbs 14 sandwiches a week. According to his calculations, in the last 44 years, there will be more than eight days when he will not eat a large Mac.

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